Avinash Rachmale

Founder, CEO, and president of Lakeshore Engineering, Avinash Rachmale began his training in engineering at the Government Engineering College in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. Earning his bachelor of science in civil engineering in 1985, he gained admission to Michigan-based Wayne State University, where he pursued a master’s degree in civil engineering with a focus on environmental engineering. In 1994, Avinash Rachmale founded Lakeshore Engineering in Detroit.

Under the leadership of Mr. Rachmale, Lakeshore Engineering grew, from a company with a single employee and $20,000 in sales to a 300-employee operation with $77 million in sales. In a little over a decade, Avinash Rachmale has built Lakeshore Engineering into an international company with over 40 offices across the world. He also led the acquisition of TolTest.

In 2009, the Small Business Administration awarded Lakeshore Engineering with the Champion Award for Entrepreneurial Success. His firm also received the Best Company of the Year award from the City of Highland Park, Michigan. Mr. Rachmale has been inducted into the Wayne State University College of Engineering Hall of Fame.

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